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Hello and welcome to yet another interesting article about fitness. As you know in today’s world fitness is the most important thing for every human being. Everyone wants to be fit as much as possible. Today we are going to tell you about that such female fitness model who enhances her amazing personality through Model. It’s hard to define her character in short as there are many personalities of her is known to us. She spent her amazing life journey from being a successful Model to a proud mother. This article put a light upon her life, age, biography, facts, family. Although the has an impressive hulk body that can’t be ignored.


The name of this beautiful hot fitness model is Mia sand. She was born on 11 October 1987. She is also known as miss misfit in the internet world. The birth of this 33 year old fitness model took place in Denmark. Her zodiac sign is libra. She is a very famous Instagram star as well. She is a certified trainer also.


Full nameMia sand
Occupationnutritionist, Fitness model, instagram star
Zodiac signLibra
Also known asmiss miafit
Date of birth11 October 1987
Place of birth copenhagen,Denmark
Current nationalityDanish

Physical information

As we have told you that she has a very unique hulk body that inspires millions of people all over the world. With her amazing physique and character, she continues to rise in the fitness industry. she has a very much impactful body that she gains from regular training. The body measurements of this courageous personality are as follows:-

Height and weight 2021

Height5 ft.7inch(170cm)

Body size

Breast/bust size38inch/97cm
Waist size26inch/67cm
Hips size41inch/105cm
Bra size42E(US)/95E (EU)
Cup sizeE(US)
Dress sizeN/A
Shoe sizeN/A


Hair colorBolnde
Eye colorblue
Body typeCurvy

Early life

As you know she was born in 1987 in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is in a relationship with a Model named RuneJK. later they got married and she gave birth to her two children son sean and a little daughter. This shows that she is a family person. But she had never told anyone about her parents the reason behind this she tells is she respect her parents a lot. She never wanted them to expose them to the Social world. She had a dream of becoming a model from a very early age. she got inspiration from the magazines she steals from her mother. As she was growing up, she forgot about her dream and was involved in bat habits with her friends but later it all sets up. After she got past high school, Mia found a job to financially support her family. she becomes pregnant in her early 20’s and after two children she started going to the gym to start her career as a fitness model.

Social media

Social media has a very great impact on her life. she is even more famous through the internet. Her strong hulk body made her built a huge fanbase of more than 2.5 million followers on Instagram. She engaged her followers from many different countries.

As per study, 17.1 % of her followers are female and 82.9% are male followers.

28% of her followers are from the United States,7% of her followers are from Canada, and so on.

She loves posting her Fitness routine and diet plan which helps her grow more on Social media.

Diet plan and workout routine

To make such a marvelous structure of her body she follows a very hard and strict diet plan as well as a very different workout routine. She does more amount of powerlifting and bodybuilding to keep herself looking muscular and strong. In her workout routine, she does a lot of heavy compound exercise with low reps in the first week. Then in another week, she does isolation movements, with a rep range between 10-12. Some of her favorites are squats, bench presses. Her most favorite is shoulder and dips. She also does some cardio before a workout and even concentrates on losing fat through the workout.

As come on her diet, Mia is concentrating more on protein-rich food such as chicken and tries to avoid every kind of fat meal. she eats 6 meals a day and her meals include eggs, meats, vegetables, fruits, and fish, etc. She is not supposed to take any supplements yet in her diet. Her favorite dish is pork roast.


We had told you before that hard to define her character. As there are many personalities of her. She is a very famous internet celebrity, a fitness model. She is a PT/SA nutritionist and a certified coach too.

Mia sand net worth

According to our studies, her current net worth is estimated to be $500,000 dollars and is continuously rising and her mode of earning is through social media and bodybuilding.

Quick facts about missmiafit

  • She worked as a boy scout for many years.
  • She has taken a observation of her pancreas when she was 14.
  • After her pregnancy she gained 50kgs, and it takes her two and a half year to lose it.
  • According to our studies her favourite color is blue.
  • According to our studies her lucky no. is seven.
  • She love science and call herself a ‘science nerd’.

Some of the famous web search about Mia sand(missmiafit)

What is the name of Mia’s husband?

Her husband’s name is Rune Jacobson.

What is the bra size of Mia sand?


What is Mia sand workout routine?

She follows a very simple workout and diet program. Which she made by herself.

Does Mia sand provide online coaching?

Yes, she provides online coaching. You can DM her to know more about it.

Does Mia sand perform on porn videos?

No she is only a fitness model who loves to share her fitness and lifestyle on social media.

From her example, Mia shows that we don’t need to follow the rules of society to fulfill our dreams. Here is some of the main information about this very inspiring personality.

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