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A doll face with a muscular body. These beautiful women are so strong that some can even pull cars or beat men in arm wrestling!

Eva Andressa.
When it comes to beautiful athletes, I must mention Eva Andressa. This woman is a Brazilian fitness model whose toned body is amazingly in shape.

Natasha Aughey.
There is a word to describe Natasha Aughey and that is “impressive.” She is quite a Canadian fitness icon and it’s not surprising since she began to exercise her powerful figure when she was just in high-school.

Bakhar Nabieva.
Every fitness story is inspirational but what happened to Bahar Nabieva is somewhat special. This astonishing woman was born in Azerbaijan…

Larissa Reis.
When you look at Larissa Reis’s fantastic physique, you can’t help imagining that she was a magazine model once, but she wasn’t a model for some vitamin supplement publication as you might think…

Brigitte Goudz.
When Brigitte Goudz works out, there’s only one thing to say: “wow.” This pretty lady is a fitness model who was born in Pennsylvania and, although this may seem insane to you…

Anllela Sagra.
Bodybuilding wasn’t Anllela Sagra’s first choice, but if you take a good look at her, you’ll realize that she was destined for it.

Oksana Grishina.
If there is a bodybuilder with the most astonishing physique ever, that is Oksana Grishina. This Russian athlete has exercised her body since she was a renowned gymnast at the age of 10.

Navreet Josan.
Who says you have to choose between a feminine appearance and a muscular body? Navreet Josan is an Indian bodybuilder who has the best of both worlds…

Julia Vins.
Look at this beautiful woman’s face, she looks like a doll! But don’t be reckless, she’s not fragile like one.

Eleonora Dobrinina.
Eleonora Dobrinina is a beautiful Russian woman who is worthy of admiration, not only for her strength but also for her courage.

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