Dolly Castro

Beautiful Female Featured Instagram star Model

Hello and welcome to yet another interesting article about fitness. As we had let you know about many famous fitness models around the world. Our’s today article is also about a very aspiring and young fitness sensation whose popularity is unmatchable. The name of this 35-year-old Actress, Singer, fitness model, and YouTuber is Dolly Castro. This article includes her bio, age, height, weight, wiki, etc. If you want to know everything about her then read our article to the last.

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Dolly was born on 14 July 1984 in Managua, Nicaragua. Her birth sign is Cancer. She is very tall her height is 5feet 5 inches. And when we count her height in centimeters then she is 165 cm long. Her weight is 57 kg and in lbs when we count it becomes 125 lbs approximately. Her shoe size is Eight. As of August 2019, she has no visible tattoos or any other body modifications. With a curvy, Hourglass figure, Dolly becomes an instant hit upon moving to Miami.


When it comes to weight loss, Dolly says that proper diet and supplementation usually play a bigger role than the exercise itself.

She went so far as to say that 70% of one’s weight loss can be attributed to proper nutrition and supplementation, and 30% to exercising.

When asked about her favorite meals, Dolly said; “One of my favorite breakfasts to make on the weekends is a low carb protein french toast that is high in fiber! I even make a little extra batter and keep it in the refrigerator for when I’m craving them but don’t have time to prepare the batter.“


Dolly Castro is very popular on social media for her cute expression. Dolly rose to fame for uploading modeling pictures on her account. Many people are attracted to her because of her gorgeous curvy body and her killer looks. She is popular on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and all social media platforms. On her Instagram, there are 1,234 posts and 6.4 million followers. She follows 288 people. On her Twitter, there are 133 Following and 90.2 k followers, and 19.9 kTwits she took. Her Instagram Id is @ Miss Dolly Castro and her Twitter Id is @ Miss Dolly Castro. Dolly joins Twitter in August 2011.


Model Name Dolly Castro
Birthdate14 July 1984
Birth PlaceManagua, Nicaragua
Birth SignCancer
Skin ColorWhite
Eye colorBlack
Hair ColorBlonde


Weight 57 kg
Shoe Size8


Have you ever wondered how affluent Dolly Castro really is? According to reputable sources, her net worth is approximately $2 million, as of August 2019, accumulated by working incessantly to promote herself and appear in every significant photoshoot. Additionally, she is the owner and CEO of “Bars and Branches”, which is a major source of income for her. However, Dolly herself said that ‘around 80%’ of her yearly revenue comes from social media.

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